Insurance Investigation

All services include face-to-face initial meeting, updates during the course of the investigation, and a final comprehensive written report providing clear, well-documented proofs that can be used for legal recourse, including HD-video and/or still photography materials.

As a trusted provider of investigative services to the insurance industry, Premium Investigative Services has established a great reputation as a leading investigative agency for insurance companies and independent adjusters. Whether it be Accident Benefits, Bodily Injury, Life, Fidelity/Bond, Disability or Auto/Property claims, Premium Investigative Services has the experience required to handle your investigative needs in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. Our reports are designed to set out the investigative findings in clear and concise terms for easy reference by the adjuster.


•  Daily Activity
•  Restrictions/Limitations
•  Degree of Disability
•  Employment Status
•  Psychological, Neuropsychological & Psychiatric Observations
•  Wearing of Medical Aids
•  Video available in HD\DVD
•  Caregiver/Housekeeper Activities
•  Means of Transportation

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