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Additional Services

All services include face-to-face initial meeting, updates during the course of the investigation, and a final comprehensive written report providing clear, well-documented proofs that can be used for legal recourse, including HD-video and/or still photography materials.
Don’t see what you need here? Don’t worry – we do it all! Below is a list of some of our other most common investigative services for private individuals and businesses in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara regions.
  • Activity Check
  • Caregiver/Housekeeper
  • Cargo/Warehouse Theft
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Criminal History Check
  • Custody & Alimony Investigations
  • Daily Activities Check
  • Degree or Confirmation of Disability
  • Statement and Interview Investigations
  • Surveillance of Valuable Shipment Containers
  • Suspicious Workplace Activity
  • Undercover Operations
  • W.S.I.B.
  • Work Related Injury Claims
  • Workplace Violence and Threats
  • Youth Watch
  • Employee ‘Theft of ‘Time’
  • Employment Status
  • Illegal Drug Use
  • Internal External Theft and Fraud
  • Medical Aid Devices
  • Missing Inventory Investigations
  • NannyWatch
  • Ownership
  • Previous Accident Claim
  • Property Title, Registry and┬áProprietary Information Theft
  • Restrictions and Limitations┬áSenior Care Audit

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